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Sprayed & Injected Foam

No matter what the climate, COMFORT FOAM will work harder to save energy dollars and provide year round comfort.

Good for the Earth.
Great for your budget and comfort.

A residential study by ADVANCED CERTIFIED THERMAGRAPHY shows that COMFORT FOAM installations can help reduce energy costs by as much as 60 percent each year compared with traditional insulation systems. Over 20 years, this can mean as much as $15,000 in savings at today’s energy costs. With escalating energy costs, realized savings may be even greater.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that 40 percent of the energy cost of heating and cooling a building is wasted by uncontrolled air leakage, condensation, ice damming, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and mold growth. An effective air barrier system substantially reduces air leakage and the passage of moisture through the building envelope.


Save Energy and Protect Your Home With Comfort Foam
Given the manner in which Comfort Foam is installed (sprayed prior to drywall installation). This system is designed specifically for new home construction.

The Most Versatile Insulation Available on the Market Today.

  • COMFORT FOAM is a seamless site applied spray foam that will adhere to most all surfaces creating superior energy efficiency and sound control in a variety of applications
  • COMFORT FOAM can be applied anywhere from foundations to roof lines you will have more comfort, quiet and control COMFORT FOAM can be installed both as an all spray foam application or in combination with more traditional insulation materials for the best of both worlds.

The Most Effective Insulation Available on the Market Today.

  • Traditional insulation products rely upon their ability to trap still, dry air within the body of the insulation material for their energy saving performance.
  • COMFORT FOAM is less susceptible to convective air movement, infiltration and moisture intrusion than traditional insulation materials.
  • COMFORT FOAM is site applied by certified contractors and performs effectively evenunder the most severe conditions Mother Nature can hand out.
  • COMFORT FOAM – one product with multiple applications can provide huge benefits for your home and our Earth.

Meets Building Code Requirements.

  • COMFORT FOAM spray polyurethane foam is accepted by all major building codes including the new International Code Council
  • COMFORT FOAM is designated as having both a Class 1 and Class 2 foam system.
  • COMFORT FOAM is produced in an ISO 9001-2000 certified blending facility. This assures our contractors and their clients receive the very best in spray foam chemistry from drum to drum and job to job.

Good For The Environment While Preserving The Value in Your Home.

  • COMFORT FOAM is not a food source for molds or mildew
  • COMFORT FOAM will use far less energy resources to heat and cool – helping preserve the environment by reducing green house gases.
  • COMFORT FOAM will significantly enhance the durability of your home, protect it from the ravages of time and preserve your investment now and into the future.
  • COMFORT FOAM will eliminate wasteful energy usage and enhance the ability of your HVAC equipment – creating a healthy and energy efficient indoor environment.


Improve Your Bottomline

  • Site-built or manufactured homes are eligible for a rebate of $2000 for energy measures that achieve 50% savings over the 2004 IECC Standard.
  • Envelope improvements to existing homes that meet the 2003 IECC & supplements are eligible for a rebate of up to 10% of the cost of improvement s, up to $500
COMFORT FOAM completely and efficiently insulates and seals around penetrations through the building framework, such as electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. Top and bottom sill plates, energy heels and rim joists are sealed, along with other gaps normally found in residential construction.

The Bottom Line

Unlike other home insulations, the spray-applied seamless sealing quality of comfort foam polyurethane foam insulation system eliminates the air filtration problem.

PolyMaster Foam

Polymaster Foam™ is a foamed-in-place insulation manufactured in the United Stat es, and has been manufactured here continuously since 1968. PolymasterFoam™ is the most effective, easiest to install, most economical insulation available for concrete block walls and partitions. PloymasterFoam™ also has a UL classification as a Class 1 building material.

Polymaster Foam™ is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Competitive pricing. Easy to apply. No settling or expansion. Excellent sound reduction and safe for the environment. Polymaster Foam™ is UL classified.

Polymaster is a unique insulation material:

  • light weight cellular plastic material
  • foamed-in-place enabling it to fill any cavity, regardless of size or shape.
  • foam flows into odd-shaped spaces, around wires, pipes, and other obstructions
  • a highly effective thermal and acoustical barrier due to its cellular composition, high “R” value, ease of application and versatility


Polymaster Foam™ can be installed during or after construction.  Uniquely ideal for retrofit applications.


Immediately reduces energy costs and heating and cooling requirements while increasing comfort level.  Will not settle or expand in cavity.

Ease of Installation.

Polymaster Foam™ is easily and quickly installed by professional, qualified installers.  Eliminates the need of using other trades to install conventional insulation materials.

Cost Effective.

Insulation should be considered an investment, rather than an expense.  The initial cost of installing Polymaster  Foam™ is recovered by the reduction in energy consumption.  After the “pay-back” period the savings are like dividends.  When comparing installation cost per “R” value, PolymasterFoam™ is typically less expensive than polyurethane, polystyrene and loose fill materials.


The material should not be used where it will be subject to temperatures in excess of 210 degrees for prolonged periods.  It is to be installed in closed cavities only and should not be used in cavities which will not permit adequate water vapor transmission during curing process.  Foam not to be used as an underground vapor barrier, for ceiling applications or for flotation.


Contact one of our Polymaster Foam experts today

RetroFoam Insulation


Whether your home is uninsulated, or poorly insulated, RetroFoam™ will maximize the R-Value of your walls. In standard stud walls RetroFaom™ will yield an R-17 versus R-13 for fiberglass batting.

Our experienced RetroFoam™ team also prevents air infiltration by sealing all wall cracks and crevices where air can enter or leave your home.

With energy costs expected to rise 30% in many areas of the country, RetroFoam™ foamed-in-place insulation will literally pay for itself by reducing your utility bills.


A Sound Solution

  • Although folks use RetroFoam™ primarily to save energy, they often comment about how quiet their homes have become. That’s because RetroFoam™ provides a 45-50db reduction on average. Apartment buildings and condominiums are finding RetroFoam™ a great solution for noisy walls.

Fast and Easy

  • Installation of RetroFoam™ is a breeze in most types of construction. Typically installation is completed in just a few hours. Since it can be installed from the outside, there is no need to tear out walls, move furniture, or have interior clean-up. And RetroFoam™ installation technicians will leave the outside neat and clean.

Fire Retardant

RetroFoam™ is a non-flammable (class 1 fire rating) product. This adds safety and value to your home. Pest ResistantBecause RetroFoam™ is an effective pest barrier, it also helps keep critters where they belong…outside.

Safe for the Environment

Non-toxic and completely safe, RetroFoam™ produces no fumes, gases or emissions that may be created by other types of insulation products. insulation products.

A simple and quick inspection, by an Edwards/Mooney and Moses insulation professional, is all that is needed for your project.

Siding is carefully removed

Small holes are drilled

RetroFoam Insulation is injected

Siding is replaced

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Incylthane 500 Full Cavity Foam Insulation

Upgrade to superior energy efficiency, noise reduction, and mold prevention
R-Value of Incylthane 500 – The foam totally fills the 3.5” cavity of a stud wall. This yealds an R-Value of 12.6.

Stud Wall R-Values

3.5” cavity R-13
5.5” cavity R-20
7.5 “ cavity R-27
9.5” cavity R-34



Benefits of Incylthane

  • Seals all cracks and holes
  • Does not settle
  • Barrier to pests
  • Makes your home quieter
  • Keeps you more comfortable all year long
  • Keeps allergy causing pollutants outside

Areas of Application

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Basements
  • Ceilings
  • Foundations

Reduction in Air Infiltration

  • 40% of heating and cooling loss is through cracks and holes in throughout the house, around windows, sills, outlets, etc.
  • Incylthane 500 virtually eliminates this airflow problem

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